Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Tournament Summary
5v5: Single Elimination
Required teams:4
Entry fee per player:Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:3
Payout structure:
#Team Prize
1st:86 days
2nd:75 days
3rd:54 days
The CyberGamer Premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.
Grand Final
Lexus Curve vs SIONE
7:27pm 24/2/18 - Completed - de_mirage
Congratulations tournament winner: SIONE
Semi Finals
Spongebob and pals vs Lexus Curve
6:28pm 24/2/18 - Completed - de_inferno
Winner: Lexus Curve

SIONE vs Plagued
6:33pm 24/2/18 - Completed - de_cache
Winner: SIONE

PC: CSGO Saturday Tournament
Tournament status: Archived
Platform: PC
Start time: Saturday 5:33pm February 24th 2018
Registration period was automatically extended.
215 days of premiumPrize Pool:
Tournament should be linked to a season.
Map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match

1stSIONEYes - CyberGamer Premium: 86d
2ndLexus CurveYes - CyberGamer Premium: 75d
3rdPlaguedYes - CyberGamer Premium: 54d
4thSpongebob and palsYes
5thTEAM TBA - 2Yes
Players looking for a team
kS. (offline)
Message: lft
BoLTz (online recently)
CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot8:22pm 24/2/18

Tournament completed, trophies and any prizes have been awarded.
22 trophies have been awarded, most prestigious was Won a free CG tournament.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot7:26pm 24/2/18

Grand final has been created: Lexus Curve vs SIONE.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:50pm 24/2/18

rocketleague gods is considering late registering to the tournament, they will need to add their players and click FINALIZE TEAM as soon as possible.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:43pm 24/2/18

nangsnshiz has late joined the tournament, they will need to complete their first match ASAP.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:37pm 24/2/18

nangsnshiz is considering late registering to the tournament, they will need to add their players and click FINALIZE TEAM as soon as possible.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:36pm 24/2/18

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly. There is space for two teams to late register. Late regos are open for 25 minutes.

NZ MagicCSPlagued5:32pm 24/2/18

no u

NZ MadvillainySIONE5:29pm 24/2/18

your mom gay

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:24pm 24/2/18

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (0), final signups still open.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:20pm 24/2/18

Registrations extended for an additional 4 minutes, tournament now starts at 5:33pm 24/2/18.

PalletsPlagued1:35pm 24/2/18

dont say dat, what if there mother isn't gay tho

NZ MagicCSPlagued1:11pm 24/2/18

u're mum gay

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:31am 22/2/18

Registrations are now open

Teams competing (7)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
Lexus Curve (seed: 4)3-
SIONE (seed: 3)3-
2 Spongebob and pals (seed: 1)2-
Plagued (seed: 2)2-
TEAM TBA - 2 (seed: 7)1-
SnoFlick (seed: 5)1-
nangsnshiz (seed: 6)1-
Late regos (1)
rocketleague gods
Late join - 5:50pm 24/2/18
Teams that withdrew or were removed (1)
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