Tzuyu 4 Main Vocals

Placed: 7th. A team linked to the tournament: PC: CSGO Wednesday - The Big One (Archived) - start time: 7:37pm 18/4/18. (Ready'd up!)
Combined this team has competed in 67 tournaments and has won 20 tournaments and placed 2nd-4th: 5 times.

Founder: Jamie
Created: 7:00pm 18/4/18
Placed: 5
Premium: 5
Most Recent Match:
Tzuyu 4 Main Vocals vs poggers
Has finished 1st-4th in 25 tournaments.
Team Overview
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Team Members
Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: Jamie NZ pc SiGma^1:57180984YesNoYes
Added by: Jamie AU pc BRACE (online 2h ago)0:63269006YesNoYes
Added by: JamieAU pc minnii (CyberGamer Premium required - Expired 2d ago)0:105616605YesNoYes
Added by: JamieAU pc x.x.x.x.x. (CyberGamer Premium required - Expired 4d ago)0:40150629YesNoYes
Added by: Jamie AU pc Jamie (online 16h ago)1:50591688YesNoYes
Added by: JamieAU pc stat.1:52371518YesYesNo
Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Tzuyu 4 Main Vocals vs poggers
poggers: 16-58:39pm 18/4/18