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5v5: Double Elimination
Required teams:8
Entry fee per player (plus ):Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:2
Prize pool pay structure (4 places paid):
Places paid may increase, with the max teams paid being: 4.

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members/subs. CG Credits Information.
PS4: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 FFYI #2
This tournament has RANDOM seeding for all teams.
Tournament status: Running - Double Elimination
Platform: PS4
Start time: Sunday 11:00am February 3rd 2019
CyberGamer Premium required for all players (inc subs):Yes
To compete in this tournament you must have an active CyberGamer Premium subscription.
Prize Pool:$250.00
Maps from: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Bronze
The entire prize pool is provided by CyberGamer, please consider supporting CyberGamer by subscribing to CyberGamer Premium.
8 FighterFXMindfreak7:03pm 17/2/19

Surely we get the win for this FFYI and 1st place money considering no one under us is making an attempt to play there games

AbjlityStaris eSports12:47pm 3/2/19

can an admin dm me thanks

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot11:13am 3/2/19

lets go has late joined the tournament, they will need to complete their first match ASAP.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot11:06am 3/2/19

lets go is considering late registering to the tournament, they will need to add their players and click FINALIZE TEAM as soon as possible.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot11:02am 3/2/19

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly. There is space for seven teams to late register. Late regos are open for 25 minutes.

CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot10:50am 3/2/19

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (0), final signups still open. So far 42/64 teams have joined. 22 places remain. We currently meet the minimum required teams for the tournament to proceed!.

TILEZAU1:18am 3/2/19


StormFury Youth5:18pm 1/2/19

Validate Howard

Nickarnagethe boys3:12pm 1/2/19

Any admins that can actually respond to me, DM me

@NicKarnage. Thanks.

replying to Nickarnage .


Nickarnagethe boys9:23pm 29/1/19


CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot8:57pm 29/1/19

Registrations are now open

Teams competing (48)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
8 Ragz on Ragz (seed: 2)6-
3 Mindfreak (seed: 1)6-
14 Under 18 Retards (seed: 28)5-
Demons (seed: 3)L-8-
lets go teej you fat fuck (seed: 9)L-8-
Victrix (seed: 4)L-7-
Fierce GGs (seed: 43)L-6-
style points (seed: 11)L-6-
15 Sleeper Gaming (seed: 37)L-6-
Day 1 Team (seed: 18)L-6-
Knockout ESC (seed: 25)L-6860637
Bianchi and boys (seed: 7)L-6860637
Altered Edge (seed: 23)L-5-
the boys (seed: 20)L-5-
Fierce Nation (seed: 16)L-5-
Big Boys Club (seed: 35)L-5-
lets go (seed: 48)L-4-
zuchinni (seed: 19)L-4-
YungGunz (seed: 21)L-4-
Victah and co (seed: 17)L-4-
Maybe (seed: 24)L-4-
Fitzy and Co (seed: 36)L-4-
3 ABK 225 (seed: 40)L-4-
Fury Youth (seed: 6)L-4-
woop woop (seed: 22)L-3-
Incinerate (seed: 32)L-3-
Vendetta (seed: 10)L-3-
Defiance (seed: 13)L-3-
Staris eSports (seed: 39)L-3-
Team Eraze (seed: 14)L-3-
dwylow negs (seed: 5)L-3-
20min (seed: 12)L-2-
Team X (seed: 41)L-2-
cool team name (seed: 26)L-2-
Hakuna Matata (seed: 15)L-2-
BadVibesGoodTimes (seed: 42)L-2-
CGA SQUADDDD (seed: 34)L-2-
TEAM TBA - 7 (seed: 45)L-2-
TEAM TBA - 6 (seed: 51)L-2-
Sixaxis (seed: 31)L-2-
DominosDeliveryScooter (seed: 44)L-2-
A1 Gaming (seed: 27)L-2-
SiNister Nation (seed: 38)L-2-
Orgless (seed: 29)L-2-
TEAM TBA - 5 (seed: 50)L-2-
TEAM TBA - 3 (seed: 47)L-1-
TEAM TBA - 2 (seed: 46)L-1-
TEAM TBA - 4 (seed: 49)L-1-
Late regos (3)
Dommy And Co
Late join - 8:02am 3/2/19
The New Guys
Late join - 10:54pm 2/2/19
Late join - 3:31pm 2/2/19
Teams that withdrew or were removed (18)
4am Nerds
Removed by admin
Arcanum eSports
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Knockout U18
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Poke the bear
Removed by admin
Rubrict and Co
Removed by admin
Shootin shots
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Spics and Niggers
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Team X
Removed by admin
Lets go
Nexair and co.
The Nazi Party