Founder: Scruuffyy
Created: 11:18am 28/9/15
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Bias Brigade vs Drexmz Sucks
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Added by: ScruuffyyNZ ps4 Mxracles (AU PS Platform Moderator)YesNoYes
Added by: Scruuffyy AU ps4 Scruuffyy (AU PS Call of Duty Administrator) (online 15h ago)YesNoYes
Added by: GIBERER AU ps4 Arsenal. (online 8h ago)YesNoNo
Added by: Scruuffyy AU ps4 GIBERER (PS4 Platform Admin) (online 7h ago)YesNoNo
Added by: GIBERERAU ps4 Malefic.YesNoNo
Added by: GIBERER NZ ps4 Just Phill'YesYesNo
Added by: Mxracles AU ps4 PurifyyYesYesNo
Removed Players:
Added by: ScruuffyyAU ps4 phazr [removed]NoNoNo
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Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Bias Brigade vs Drexmz Sucks
Bias Brigade: 25-236:04pm 28/9/15
Taunted 5 Down vs Bias Brigade
Taunted 5 Down: 16-28:03pm 28/9/15