Gears of War: UE 4v4 Ladder (LOCKED)
Admins: Cyanide.
Ladder locked 12:55pm 4/5/17 by SuperNova.
The Ladder time is: 20/10/17 - 5:41pmView ladder settings
The ladder is LOCKED, challenges cannot be made.

We're proud to finally announce the return of Gears Of War on CyberGamer. If you're an existing, past or new member of our newly formed community then make sure to check out the Welcome Back To CyberGamer Thread to get information on our plans for the communities future and what's to be expected going into Gears Of War 4. In short, CyberGamer will run an open 4v4 and 1v1 Ladder for the remainder of Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition and host all ESL Australia supported Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition competitions and events.

- GOW Admin Team


GoW:UE 4v4 Open Ladder: 1st March 2016 - 1st September 2016
GoW:UE 2v2 Turbo Ladder: TBA
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition - Farewell Tournament: TBA Q3 2016